Makıng puzzles

  • Children love doing puzzles. Wıth this activity, we will learn how we can use that love to sharpen students' thinking and problem-solving skills, improve hand-eye coordination, develop new concepts, and reinforce skills in such curriculum areas as language arts, mathematics, geography, science, and social studies an even foreign languages. Children learn to work cooperatively as they  complete a puzzle.  A jigsaw in progress is a great way to keep children occupied during a break or on a rainy/snowy day.


    1- Choose a suitable puzzle type for your class and for your students and start working !

    2-Puzzle Picture can be about spring, flowers, animals etc..

    At the end of the activity, please hang it in your classroom as a successful collaborative activity of your students.

    3-CREATE A PADLET for your activities and share your activity photos, videos, ideas.

    4- Share your padlet's link here.


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