4. activity: Lıttle Chefs

  •                Dear all, Our project’s THIRD activity is :

                          COOKING WITH OUR PUPILS

    Because we often do not have access to heat, we are goıng to use no-cook recipes that do not require heat.

    Please be carefull if you have a child in your classroom who is allergic to any ingredients. Check for all food allergies before using any recipe when cooking with kids. If you have a child in your class with food allergies, send home a list of ingredients for the parent.

    Here are some “cooking ideas with kids in the classroom:  1-making sandwiches   2-making potato salad (all the ingredients should be ready)   3-making fruıt salad   4-making salad   etc...(You are free to cook any meal.)   

    web 2 tool of the month is: ourboox (creating ebooks for our third activity)http://www.ourboox.com

    Thank you      Claudia Masseregli /Esen Sandıraz



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