Planning the Project


    After our live meeting, in which we compared our curriculum, we agreed about the previous planned. Unfortunately the teacher from Slovakia can't work on the project so we are 5 partners:



    In our School, we are going to work with students from 2 different grades (5th Grade - 10 years old; 6th Grade - 11 years old). Most of the time, they are going to work in the class of religion. However, as they only have 45 minutes a week in this subject, they will also work during the class of Portuguese Language (the teacher is also an English Teacher). The portuguese educational system is organized in cycles of studies (1st cycle of 4 years: 6-9 years old; 2nd cycle of 2 years:10-11 years old; 3rd cycle of 3 years: 12-14 years old; Secondary studies: 15 - 17 years old) As our school is not big, we would like to involve all the students in the activies. However, in some situations and in order to make the project to move forward, we will only choose some students, according to their skills.



    In our school one class of 26 children will be involved in the project. Since we are a complex of two big schools it's impossible to work with everyone. The children taking part in the project are at the age of 9-10. They will do most of the tasks with their class teacher, some with the art teacher and IT teacher. If there will be a need they will also work during the extra classes in the afternoons.



    In our school one class of 24 children will be involved in the project. The students are 9-10 and they will do most of the tasks with me (Elisabetta) as I'm the class teacher and I teach Italian, English and ICT. My colleague who teaches Art and Citizenship will do some activities. In the project will be involved also the educator who supports an authistic student. Some activities will be conducted in whole class tasks, but priority will be given to small groups by implemeting the cooperative learing. We would like to involve the whole school through shared activities ad their exhibition on the occasion of the party of the end of school year.



    In our school, it is a rather big school for my region, 150 pupils - 8 teachers, only one part of my class ( 12 students ) will be involved in the project, they are 9-10. Other part of my class (8-9) just begins English. Often, in France, the teacher teaches all the materials, he is the only adult in his class. I am going to work with them on hours of plastic arts and " to learn to live together ".The idea which I like, in these European projects, it is to be able to share (the pupils - the adults) knowledge, ideas and knowledges.



    Our school is the biggest one in our town. There are 900 Ss. My group of eTwinners consists of 52 Ss, but jnly 15 Ss of them take part in this project, because of age. We haven`t extra eTwinning lessons, but we do all the tasks in time, at home and during our English lessons. My Ss enjoy different games and on-line meeting with partners as well. This year we take part in 5 projects and hope to get some awards. We are very different but smart, talanted and creative! We enjoy doing everything with our partners together! It`s exciting and creative!