About the project


    The project involves the promotion of culture of peace that is based on universal values of respect for life, liberty, justice, solidarity, tolerance, human rights and equality among people.  Project will focus on issues related to social justice, human rights, racism and xenophobia, the sustainable growth, inner peace, armed conflicts and their effects , terrorism, as well as intercultural dialogue and reconciliation-conflict resolution. Students will understand the importance of "peace" and the need for solidarity and mutual support. We will exchange views and experiences, enter into friendships with children of other European countries and will develop a sense of solidarity, teamwork and cooperation.

    Keywords: peace, war, violence, terrorism, human rights, solidarity, freedom, democracy, creativity, web tools


    The main purpose of the project is to empower students to acquire new knowledge, attitudes and skills, which will promote a culture of peace and non-Violence in society. Topics:

    • Cultivating culture of a culture of peace through education, peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, solidarity, cooperation and democracy.

    • Distinguish the concepts of peace-violence, clarification of the concept of peace and its features

    • Learn about human rights and to recognize when there are violations

    • Cultivating empathy and emotional awareness acquisition

    • Develop skills of communication, argumentation, cooperation and conflict resolution

    Participation in decision-making (Democratic participation - Communication)



    The partner schools will plan joint activities and will implement them. Founding members will be a school of Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Poland. The activities will take place will not be alone together, but will be completed in steps from each school. The communication between the education partners will be made through the Forum platform, through email, through facebook and through skype. The program will last nine months:

    This is a general plan of working

    1. September - October: Joining the project - Preparation

    2. November: Introduction to the concept of Peace

    3. December- January: Human rights

    4. February- March: Conflict and violence

    5. April - May -June: Evaluation - Summary

    WEB TOOLS: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/742064352185548800



    Results: We expect to meet all the AIMS described above.

    Final products:

    Create tale, rules - Raising local community - Developing empathy: The awareness of students on the topic, to help them to promote a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in society and to feel and understand that the society in which we live is greater and that global issues and problems have an impact on all of us.


    Age of students

    4-11 years old