Little Gardeners

Our project was inspired by our youngest students who very often spend most of their school time in the classroom. We want to show them the world outside and teach them about nature and sustainability through different activities in our school garden. We aim at using the garden and its treasures as a place of discovery, a subject of study and hand...

Project Journal

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    - Posted by Barbara TRIVELLI, 17.11.2017

  • Italian Award


    - Posted by Barbara TRIVELLI, 16.11.2017

  • Really HAPPY!!!

    european label gardeners.png

    - Posted by Maria Kleidara, 01.11.2017

  • YESSSS!!!!!!

    cert eu LG.png

    - Posted by Barbara TRIVELLI, 25.10.2017

  • Today I had an interview due to the italian award!
    - Posted by Barbara TRIVELLI, 24.10.2017