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  • Some information about ICS Ignoto Militi in Saronno :

    ICS Ignoto Militi is a large institute within a urban setting, in Saronno, Varese, Lombardia (region), Italy. It is composed of a nursery school/Kindergarten “Collodi”, two primary schools “ G.Rodari” and “ I.Militi” and a middle school “A. Bascapè”. The total amount of students from 3 years to 14 years old is about 950 hundred pupils

    Our schools have quite a mixed ability range and we are keen to develop new and innovative ways of teaching.In the last decade we have a substantial number of pupils from other European countries (3 or 4 in each class), consequently oral language development and team working skills have been marked by the teacher staff as a priority area, which need attention.Teachers also wish to enhance the European dimension of education in order to offer the students a wider perspective and a sense of place not only locally but nationally and within a European Community.Our daily purposes are not only to improve acquisition but to develop cooperation, peer to peer learning and allow them for a deeper European dimension to their overall education.


    Suite à notre stage de 'job shadowing' à l'école de Saronno du 13 au 15 février 2017, voici notre rapport de visite :

    Un article de presse italien, suite à notre passage à Saronno: