In this project, you will find the touch of little hands trying to create a more ecological environment in the school and its surroundings.

    • Learning and Teaching the Concept of Green Consumption: This topic includes awareness-raising activities and works on the concept of green consumption, which aims to use products that do not harm the environment and recycle for a sustainable life.
    • Limiting Excessive Electricity Consumption: This title includes activities aimed at raising students' awareness of electricity savings, drawing attention to excessive use of electricity as organizing "A Day Without Electricity Activity", and being a part of activities such as making e-book, games and drawings away from electronic devices.
    • Raising Awareness on Global Warming: The purpose of this title is to raise awareness about the global warming that we are facing and threatening our future, and make a small study in and around the school.
    • Raising Awareness on Excessive Water Consumption: Planting saplings in the school garden to make a petty contribution to a greener world.
    • Increasing Sustainability with Recycling: Activities related to awareness of the importance of recycling and reuse of waste, being sensitive to environmental and social issues and helping each other.