9. Assessment



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  • What did you learn in this project? Did you enjoy it? Would you work in eTwinning again?

    Maria A - Pentapoli Greece.

    I had a lot of fun in this project. I met new people and learned a lot of new things. I really liked it🙌.

    Antonia & Elefheria G. GR

    We really enjoyed this project. It was a fun experience cooperating with each other. We learnt many things about fake news, the journalism of the 21st century, the war between Ukraine and Russia. It was something that we would definitely do again and would work in eTwinning again. 🤩🤗🤝💛


    We really loved this project this year and working with you all. We think projects like this that endorce communication among citizens and especially students can help strengthen the relationships between the countries. Also, we had a lot of fan working because the project provided us with very interesting activities.

    Sibel And Sarah - FR

    Hi everyone we had a lot of fun by doing this project and hope we can do it again next year ! It was an amazing opportunity to work with our european friends ! Have a great summer and goodbye :) Bisousssss les amis.

    Kylie and Prune - FR

    That was an amazing project, we had fun, it was a pleasure to communicate with you, we learnt a lot of things, we are going to be more careful with fake news :) Hope we see y'all next year, and have a nice summer

    Vaggelis, Chris Sik and John. GR

    We had a good time with all members and we are feeiling so happy for this project. HAVE A GOOD SUMMER!!!!!


    We really enjoyed this project. We have learned to work together and we would love to participate again.

    Elizabeth G -Pentapoli Greece

    I enjoyed working on this project with other people from europe. I learned through a fun way about an important issue. It would be great to work again on a similar project.

    Despina K. & Valantou P. , GR

    This project was a really good opportunity to communicate with the other European cultures. We had a blast and it was a really fun experience. Also, we learnt very important things about the misinformation and improved our general knowledge. We would definitely do something like this again in the future.

    Trifonia GR

    I really liked this collaboration we had with other people from other countries and the connections we made between us. I've learnt many new things especially about misinformation.

    Angie.M - Pentapoli Greece.

    I really enjoyed this project. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new things. I would like to be part of a project like this in the future.
    Have a great summer ⛵🌊 .

    Mike and Ahmed FR

    We really liked participating in this project because it taught us several things

    Ludovic FR

    First, I would like to thank the group number 5 for this project did through a lot of europeans countries. It was fun and I appreciate the fact that we built many things with different persons which talk different languages. Finally I close up this year with good memories with each other, and I would work again in eTwinning space, a super coworking platforms. Have a nice summer with your friends and families.༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ🍪 (I give you a cookie)

    Maé,Jeanne FR.

    We liked this project. It allowed us to practice English and learn a lot of new things. Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to discover new people and it was fun.

    Sadio and Fanny- FR

    We both really enjoyed this project !
    It was a great opportunity to meet new people, improve our skills and our English. This collaboration was a good idea and we hope to do this again soon !
    Have fun this summer and see you !

    Jules FR

    I really liked this project ,it was very fun and we learnt a lot of things about fake news .It was an amazing opportunity to work with our european classmates .

    France/ Anne-Laure B

    Hi everyone, this project was wonderful. All of the activities was smarts and interesting. It allows us to practice and improve a foreign language.
    I really loved to exchange with Europeans. I hope you have great holidays. And thank you for sharing this experience. 💖

    Kaylis FR

    Hi every one! Thanks for the people in my team who have worked and collaborated with me (exept people who didn't speak and didn't ask in the chat). It was very fun goodbye!!

    Justyna PL

    It was an amazing and new experience for me. My relationship with my friend from the bench improved, I met new people. And most importantly, I learned a lot and found out. the project was a great way to deliver lessons at school

    Kinga PL

    I had a great time here and an occasion to get some new experience. People like to work together and share their points of view. Of course thanks for this project I have knowledge about fake news and how many other things works. I hope so we would be able to take part in this project next year :))

    Biondi Francesco - IT

    I liked this project a lot because it gave me the opportunity to talk with students from other countries and to collaborate with them to create a multimedia product, so I put myself in the game to show my skills in this field 💡
    I would like to thank Team 2 for their collaboration in creating our product on LearningApps.org 🤙

    I also liked the other activities, that of creating a fake Facebook profile to say how I would describe myself on social media and also the part of 21st century journalism, how it has changed over the years and how we can recognize fake news from that true, a very important thing for us students given the numerous false information that circulate on the web, a tool that we use every day.
    I would like to repeat this experience again next year.

    Robert PL

    I think this time was really well spent and I have no regrets. Everything worked out, I learned new things and worked well with other people. I think I will also use this type of project in the future as it is very useful for my English development.

    Ukhuegbe Frank - IT

    This project has allowed me to learn to recognize fake news and to understand how big the problem of disinformation is. I’ve really enjoyed it and wish I could do it again in the future.

    Fangelli Alessandro - IT

    I really enjoyed this project and being part of it. Imo, this kind of work is underrated and deserves way more attention, not to mention the lack of time we had. I learned new things and how to collaborate with someone outside my country and I will surely be happy to work in eTwinning again. Have a nice day, comment slider 👋🏼

    Ascani Francesco - IT

    I really liked this project because I learned to collaborate with European students, but also to create a multimedia product to recognize fake news. I will certainly enjoy working on another eTwinning project in the future.

    Lazar Marian IT

    For me it was a pleasure to collaborate with Etwinning and in my opinion this system must be widespread so that the various countries also collaborate with Europe to solve various problems.

    Giuseppe Di Nocera [ITA]

    I’ve enjoyed participating in this project, it has shown me that you can actually work with other people from all over the world, which is very cool.

    Michelangelo Bianconi - IT

    I am happy to have been able to try a different experience from the usual ones, it is much more difficult to collaborate with people online and in different languages, but we did it quite well

    Mancinelli Leonardo

    This project helped me to be more confident, to improve my level of English and to collaborate with new people. I also learned to recognize fake news.

    Roy Monserrate -IT

    i really enjoyed this project because I learned how to recognize fake news

    Pietro Contu / ITA

    I had a lot of fun in this project, it was an opportunity to cooperate whit other countries and to improve my English. I would like to work again on Etwinning project.


    If only i liked It i would Do It again.

    Alessandro Vitale [IT]

    I really enjoyed working in this etwinning project, I learned new digital skills and met new people from foreign countries. I would very much like to participate in other etwinning projects again.

    Giannoni Lorenzo Italy

    I learned new skills, I liked it but I would not want to do it again next year.

    Mariucci David [ITA]

    This project, it taught me to recognize a major current problem, that of misinformation. It’s an important problem. I had fun and it was a great experience to participate in this project.

    Alessandro Vitale IT

    I really enjoyed working in this etwinning project, I learned new digital skills and met new people from foreign countries. I would very much like to participate in other etwinning projects again

    Pannaioli Francesco- ITA

    thanks to this project I improved my English skills.
    I liked it very much and I hope we can repeat it

    Alessandro Vitale ITA

    I really enjoyed working in this etwinning project, I learned new digital skills and met new people from foreign countries. I would very much like to participate in other etwinning projects again

    Gabriele Rosi (ITA)

    I really like this project because I learn to communicate with people of another country, so I think that in the future I do another eTwinning work.


    i think this project helps us communicate with people in the word and collaborate

    Evgheny Federico d'Alessandro-ITA

    It was a really beautiful, interesting and educational project, which improved my way of talking to other people and also improved my personal skills.

    Chiotti Tommaso-Ita

    With this project we learned hot to find fake news, and journalism in 21st century.
    And I had a lot of fun carrying out this project and I learned to collaborate with people from other countries.


    I really enjoyed this project and it also helped me to learn some English, I also enjoyed working with other countries


    I really enjoyed this project. I learned to collaborate with European students and English.

    Oliwia PL

    I had a really good time working on this project, it was a great opportunity to test my abilities and learn something new, such a communication in a foreign language or working in a team. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about fake news and misinformation, which I am thankful for — it brightened my perspective and taught me a lot of useful things. It was a pleasure to work with people from different countries and I hope I will be able to participate in this project next year.



    Mastia L -Pentapoli Greece

    I enjoyed this project and I learned a lot of new things!I would love to be part of a similar program again , since it was a really nice experience.

    Chris,Pentapoli Serres GR

    I enjoy the teamwork that we have all together and the new friends that we make and all the research we do about things that are very hotly debetable

    Moscatelli Andrea ITA

    it was fun and I learned a lot


    im very happy to do this project thanks for all particpation good bye

    Jeanne, FR

    I learn how work with people from different countries who don't speak the same language thanks to english. I enjoyed it because it was funnier than traditional lessons, and we discover new people. I would work in etwinning again because it's an opportunity to have friends from different countries.

    hugo team4 ig; hugovlr3

    good bye my friends , bisous !!!!!
    how cool is the project tanks

    Noé, Alexis, Habib, Noémie, Clarice -France

    We had a lot of fun during the project, we would like to do others projects with you.
    We really liked to share this project with you, and we really like to talk with people in others country
    It help us in group work and to have a better communication
    so thanks you

    FR Team 3

    We all learned a lot of ways to check news easily.
    We learned to work better together.
    We learned a lot of new vocab.

    Mikołaj PL

    I had a lot of fun with the project! It has allowed me to meet new people from all around the Europe while gaining useful knowledge about the importance of fact checking and fake news. I'mlooking forward to participating in similar future projects and thanks everyone for the time spent on this one!

    Wiktoria Poland

    Is was a lot of fun to work on a project with people from other countries I also liked the fact that we had to communicate in English. I hope that we will see each other in next project and that it will be as good as this project

    Wiktor Tumula-Poland

    In this project detecting lies, I thought how to detecting lies and better cooperation. I could meet new people from other countries.I think that I will participate in next year.

    Kacper Pl

    On this project I learned a lot of new words.I like meet new peple what happened on this project.While you making a project you become more creative and cooperative

    Kamil Skrobol PL

    I have a great occasion to cooperate with classmates and new friends. Now I can use internet (and etwining) tools more easier now. I would love to work on project like that especially with my teacher.