Lesson plans - Spain

  • Invasive species- Leson Plan. Spain

     Each work group must create a slideshare to answer the following questions:

    1º/ Locate the Iberian Peninsula in Europe

    2º/ Define climate and ecosystem. Explain the differences and what types are in the Iberian Peninsula

    3º/ Search for native species in our Peninsula: at least 5 of plants, animals and funghi

            Include some of the characteristics of those mentioned species

    4º/ Invasive species (plants, animals, fungi) recently detected in the Iberian Peninsula.

    Name some of them

    Whre have they been noticed?

    Where they come from?

    Where dis they come from?

    Discuss the most important issues they create.

    5º/ Once you have done the previous exercises you must study the following species:

         AILANTHUS  ALTISSIMA                                      ARUNDO  DONAX

         TRACHEMYS  SCRIPTA                                         AGAVE AMERICANA

         MYOPSITTA  MONACHUS                                   LITHOBATES  CATESBELANUS

         OPUNTIA  FICUS  INDICA                                     PROCAMBARUS CLARKII

                                                                                         PROCYON  CANCRIVORUS

                                                                                         AEDES ALBOPICTUS