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  • Our correspondence will help us discover the culture of our countries, build links, and spark a flame that will enrich ourselves as human beings and improve our English with practice. This project will run from October 2021 to mid-June 2022. At first, the students will introduce themselves to their pen friends. Each will describe his or her place of residence, family, and hobbies. A task will follow on the theme of Christmas, i.e. holiday meals, carols etc. Consequently, we are going to present our region—especially our department—in all its multiple facets. To complete our project, we intend to draw up a report that will assess the contact between our two schools. The students will also talk about their summer holidays and the following school year: their impressions and expectations in the pursuit of their future studies.



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    "I speak many languages."

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    A French word in English. How do YOU pronounce it? Are you posh or not?

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    'Bitter, butter, water, bottle'.


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