• Topic: Analysis of the current situation of Migration and Refugees, causes and consequences
    Date: 05/03/2017 – 11/03/2017
    Hosting school: Liceo Scientifico Filippo Silvestri
    Sending schools: Öffentliches Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul and Istanbul Lisesi

    During the second student exchange, project work on the content (lessons, workshop, group work, etc.) of each respective topic took place. The materials (teaching materials, Power Point presentations, portfolios, questionnaires, interviews, brochures, exercise journals, etc.) developed throughout the duration of the project activities were presented, exchanged, tested and optimized ad hoc during activities.
    All materials done in preparation and during the second short-term student exchange in Portici were distributed open access and are available under the following link.

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