Our Project and Workplan


    Working with Genially

    - Creating Powerful Masterpieces -


    About the Project

    Genially is a very nice app which makes it possible to create interactive games, presentations, images, escape rooms and much more. We want to work with many European partners and create many attractive things with this tool, and present them online. We will start with very easy and small games and end with a mega attractive escape room about a topic we can chose together



    • Learning to work with genially and creating apps
    • interactive pictures
    • games
    • presentations
    • posters
    • escape rooms and more


    Work progress

    • Tutorials for getting to know the programme
    • Weekly creation of small games... to special topics
    • Presentation of the work online and via Video Conference
    • Planning a big common Project with contributions of all partners
    • Working on this project
    • Presenting all on a blog :)


    • Working with teachers and students
    • One common session per week

    as many nations as possible included


    Expected results

    Padlet with all games and other contributions