Project calendar

  • 1. Pupils' introductions sharing favourite brands;
    2. Ice breaking activity - a chat session to get to know each other (10/3);
    3. Organising the classes in small collaborative groups to create advertising campaigns for traditional Portuguese and French products;
    4. Brainstorming activity - a Padlet wall for teams to share ideas about the products to be advertised;
    5. Launching of the class competition on the best advertising campaign in each class;
    6. Talking about consumerism, advertising, its trends and types, ethics and stereotypes;
    7. Playing a virtual game about a film related to advertising;
    8. Showcase of the final products (18/4);
    9. Opening of the voting for the best projects (25/4);
    10. Pupils’ evaluation of the advertising campaigns of their counterparts;
    11. Chat session to discuss pros and cons of advertising (28/4);
    12. Videoconference to reveal the winners, presents to exchange and say goodbye (12/5);
    13. Creating a feedback tool online for opinions about the project.