Working together, learning together – Lavorare insieme, imparare insieme

This eTwinning project is linked with KA1 funded mobilities for Steeton School, England and ICS Ferraironi, Rome, Italy. Staff and pupils will work together during the year, to discover what it’s like to live and work in the other country. We will undertake a number of shared activities during the year, including staff mobilities. We hope also to...

Photos of Rome

We visited lots of famous places in Rome!

We saw the Colosseum...

...and the Arch of Constantine, which is next to the Colosseum.


The Giardino degli Aranci, or Garden of Orange Trees.

The River Tiber which flows through the city of Rome.

The Ghetto is an area in Rome where the Jews had to live during WW2.  We ate at this restaurant in the Ghetto.

The Turtle Fountain in the Ghetto.

The Pantheon, a Roman building which is still in use - it is now a church.

The 'Spanish Steps' next to the house where the English poet John Keats lived in 1820 - it's the
house on the right of this picture.


The ruins of the Roman forum.

Trajan's Column, with details of the various battles which the Emperor Trajan won.

This is the Monument to King Victor Emanuel II, known as the Vittoriano. 
This was built to celebrate the unification of Italy, when all the states joined together
to make a new country- Italy!


The Italian Ministry of Education.

Mrs Linford tried an icecream - but there are a lot more
flavours still to try!


The Trevi Fountain at night.




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