Do you know eco-friendly vocabulary?


    Let's play with us !


    1) Discover our school : Collège Calmette et Guérin


    2) Learn vocabulary about sustainable development and what you can do  to protect the planet :

    These games were created by students (4ème LCE at Collège Calmette et Guérin)

  • Our new composter was installed at Collège Calmette et Guérin on March 9th

    Our Compostou

    Participative installation of our new composter, the Compostou with Zéro Déchet Touraine organisation, our first year students and some of the staff of Collège Calmette et Guérin.
    Now, small bugs and insects will transform the canteen organic waste into compost !

    Let's play in biology class

    Games created by students of 4ème and Mme Trabattoni