• Preparatory visit to Greece in order to better prepare and organize the mobilitiŠµs of the partner-participants.

    - Introducing each partner school with a presentation, video about their country, school  

    -Sharing educational systems in each partner school




    - Preparing for mobility in France

    Mobility to France Erasmus+ project S.A.V.E. March 31st-April 7th 2022.pptx


    - Introducing eco-projects implemented in the Greek school and shared by students


    Taking decisions about the next activities and mobilities : (please, feel free to modify the document and add things if you want).


    Summary of the teachers preparatory visit in Mytilene Greece (2).pdf


    - Discovering the Greek school, the city of Mytilene and its region : 

    Photos of the preparatory visit

  • Presentations of the different partner schools

    North Macedonia

    Introducing partner organizations with my country and school

    North Macedonia
    Presentation of the French school
    1 Protypo Gymnasio of Mytilene GREECE