Quick stop to celebrate Europe's Day

  • A Vision of a Europe for All | Vincent-Immanuel Herr | TEDxOTHRegensburg

    The feast of Europe is celebrated on 9 May 2021, an occasion to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. The date commemorates the anniversary of Schuman's historic declaration, a speech in Paris, in 1950, in which then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman set out his idea of ​​a new form of political cooperation for Europe, which would make a war between European nations is unthinkable. Project activities include a quick stop to celebrate Europe Day 2021.

    Students have to reflect on EU values, values ​​that need to be promoted like never before in this pandemic time.

    Students will have to prepare presentations, kahoots, games, quizzes, group work, etc. So that students can discover EU values ​​and their importance for our being European citizens, citizens of the world. All materials can be shared in the Padlet and/or Twinboard below.

    Virtual Gallery - Fun Facts about European Countries by Serbian Team

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  • This was the way we celebrate Europe Day...

    Ode to joy by Marcin & Karol

    In April Marcin and Karol practiced the EU anthem "Ode to joy" by Ludvig van Beethoven.
    Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/groups/878122462649829/permalink/1191757327953006/?app=fbl
    Enjoy it!

    Online Kahoot challenge - live meeting of the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland and Turkey

    4 countries, 4 kahoots = a big Kahoot challenge.
    Here are the results of the Czech Kahoot:
    1. Vince, Italy
    2. Emir, Turkey
    3. Salvo, Italy
    4. Sara, Italy

    The winning team: Italy with 34 387 points. Congrats!

    KAHOOT Challenge - Europe Day/eTwinning Day

    4 Kahoot made by 4 teams around Europe

    Friday 7th May - Europe Day 2021 - A Challenge to discover the EU

    Here are the results of the Kahoot prepared by Italian team.
    The best 3 players:
    1. Tereza, Czechia
    2. Daniela, Czechia
    3. Nela, Czechia
    4. Numan, Turkey
    Winning team: Czechia with 87.503 points. Congratulations!
    Thank you everyone for this fantastic and formative experience

    Europe Day - interactive games on Educandy by the Czech team

    Choose from 5 game modes: Noughts and crosses, Crossword, Multiple choice, Match up or Memory.

    Prizes for the best students in KAHOOT
    Europe Day & eTwinning Day

    Serbian team have made a video clip with interesting facts.

    Czech students made posters about Europe Day /values
    11.5. Finnish team visited Rovaniemi - the final destination of Team B

    Unfortunately the weather was not perfect.

    Video about freedom

    The French team discussed European values and created this video to share our thoughts.

    Online Kahoot Challenge

    4 countries, 4 kahoots
    Here are the results of the Turkish Kahoot:
    1- Pavel.CZ-11930
    3-Olli FI-10124

    Winning Team: Czechia with 30,610 points
    Turkish Team-Erhan BAL

    United in diversity

    Europe Day in Zespół Szkół Nr 16 in Białystok


    Europe Day in Zespół Szkół Nr 16 in Białystok

    Czech video about Europe Day celebration
    Poster by Czech class 9.D
    Europe's Day

    Portuguese students celebrated Europe's Day with an exhibition about European values, they made the train of values.

    Portuguese students

    Students organized an exhibition for the school community to alert them to the importance of using trains as sustainable transport.

    EU puzzle by Italian students