Second station



    Watch the video above and / or read your partners' posts published in the "First station" Forum to get ideas on what to write on your poster. 
    Then, you have to create a poster alerting to the need of using trains as sustainable way of transport and upload it to your country subpage
    (tips for web tools: - - - ...).

    Finally, each school team will have to choose one of the most representative posters and publish it on the Twinboard below to nominate it for the vote of all the members of the twinspace. The voting will start when all partners have nominated their poster.

  • Poster to incentive the use of the train

    Czech poster for international voting

    62 students and teachers voted and chose a poster made by Lukáš from Class 9.D. He got 29% percent of all votes sent.

    Italian poster for international voting

    60 people voted (teachers and students of our school too) and now we have the poster to nominate for the international vote: the poster made by Corrado N. 1C

    French poster for International vote.
    Turkish Team

    Turkish team chose a poster made by Emir R

    Portuguese poster for International voting

    The poster made by Margarida was the winner.

    Serbian poster for international vote

    Irena Macura, Serbia

    Polish poster for International vote.
    Greek poster for international voting
    Finnish team poster for international vote
  • Which is the most representative poster to travel by train?
    Czech poster
    10 votes (10.87%)
    Finnish poster
    10 votes (10.87%)
    French poster
    3 votes (3.26%)
    Greek poster
    5 votes (5.43%)
    Italian poster
    5 votes (5.43%)
    Polish poster
    13 votes (14.13%)
    Portuguese poster
    7 votes (7.61%)
    Serbian poster
    35 votes (38.04%)
    Turkish poster
    4 votes (4.35%)