Let’s GO! ( Geometry & Origami)

Most certainly, it's difficult for science teachers to continuously make a subject, such as geometry interesting for their pupils. Many students, especially lower secondary school pupils find mathematics boring. The art of paper folding origami can be great way to have funny lessons. Although the relationship between geometry and origami is well known, their combined use in the field of geometry education is not widespread enough. Actually, origami can be used to explain many mathematical concepts in fields of geometry. The purpose of this project is to provide examples of how simple origami shapes can be used to explain important concepts of geometry. Our project also aims to form a hand book for teachers who interested in to teach mathematics via origami to use their lessons. In addition, the participate teachers will explore and try to create about various educational technologies in connection with mathematics concepts in field of geometry and origami shapes.Our partnership project will enable us to approach the common geometrical and origami notions and to study their applications in different subjects and different artistic expressions. In our project blog, the works of the pupils will be on display with origami papers and visual means (videos, photos). Thus, it will be a real public educational website with visual designs. It will be entirely conceived and carried out by the pupils and their teachers. Thanks to this project, we will be able to communicate and have a new approach of our syllabuses and our teaching and learning methods.

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