Learning about another culture is like seeing the world through a new pair of glasses / Farklı kültürleri öğrenmek dünyaya yeni bir çift gözlükle bakmaya benzer

It is a 'cultural transfer project' in which partners from the high school level will come together and carry out studies. In today's world where cultures are disappearing so quickly, cultural transfer is our priority to introduce cultures to each other and to do useful studies for this. Both students, teachers, parents and other partners will gain the experience of both themselves and other people by transferring their cultures to other communities. In these days we are in the quarantine period and our students who continue their online education , we are going to carry out an efficient project work in which our students will participate effectively from their homes, have fun while learning, teach while sharing, and establish social relations with each other. Projemiz geneli itibariyle lise kademesinden ortakların bir araya gelip çalışmalar yapacağı ‘ kültürel aktarım projesidir.

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