Christmas Story - Part II (collaborative activity)

  • Continued by the school Rosa Oriol in Lliçà d'Amunt, Catalonia (Spain)
    Then the animals traveled to Catalonia. They looked through a window. Inside the house they saw a family, sitting around a gorgeous table full of mouthwatering food; soup, pork dishes and lots of sweet treats
    -Hey! Those sweets look delicious - Said Fuzzy the bear, as he was the one that loved sweets the most - I wish I could eat some!
    -I think I have seen them before- Said Vagia the owl - They look like kourabiethes, melomakarona and I can also see Karithopita. 
    - I bet they are all delicious... - Spiky added
    The family looked really happy as they were all eating and chatting. Eiriniki, the youngest in the family was staring at the window. None of the animals have realized (as they were looking at the dishes) that Little Eirini was looking at them with her mouth open...
    And all of a sudden, she shouted... MOM, DAD, THERE'S A BEAR, A HEDGEHOG AND AN OWL AT THE WINDOW!!!
    And all the animals froze for a moment... Now what???
    romanian part:
    - Can not just your imagination, mother says.
    - In this magical night anything is posibile says father.
    - Yes, father, is Christman Eve, when everything is magical...said the boy.
    Suddenly , they all felt a warm wind as he acressed the cheeks.
    - What is going on? ask owl. I feel strange!
    - Wonder! Wonder! shounting the bear. You talk the people language! And we understand you! .....
    Then the family explained to the animals seneral Romanian Cristmas Customs.
       Ρουμανικά Χριστούγεννα θρύλος