Christmas Story - Part I (collaborative activity)

  •    A Christmas story
    It was late at night on Christmas Eve.A company of animals was sitting around the fire deep into the dark forest, discussing.
    -"Oh!I'm so bored!" Spiky,the hedgehog,complained.
    -"Why don't we go for a walk?" Fuzzy,the bear,suggested.
    -"Where can we go in the middle of the night?" Vagia,the owl wondered.
    -"We can take Santa's sleigh and travel all around the world.He doesn't need it yet." Rudolph,the reindeer,said.
    So,our young friends sneaked in Santa's barn and onto his sleigh. Rudolph called the rest of the reindeer and the trip began...
    Their first stop was in Greece.When they landed in the village Nea Karya they saw how beautifully decorated all the houses were.
    -"What's that amazing smell?" the bear asked.
    The nice smell led the animals in front of a window.
    They looked inside and saw...

    Continued by the Primary School of Chrisochori, Greece

    The animals were really terrified. Spiky climbed on Fuzzy's back and Vagia performed an F-16 kind of manoeuvre to avoid bumping on something, who knows what it was? They all started running without knowing the reason why!

    They run and run and run and run. Some flickering lights on the horizon caught their attention! “Light, light! Let’s go over there!”. On their way, they saw a road sign. It read “Chrisochori”.

    They walked for a bit and they shortly afterwards found themselves in the middle of a beautifully decorated square. There were Christmas lights everywhere and... wait a minute! “What’s this beautiful music? Where is it coming from?”. They all turned their heads and they saw a lot of children from the Cultural Association of Chrisochori walking around the village, holding small lanterns and singing local Christmas carols.

    “Look! Corn! Beans! Asparagus! Vagia, can you please tell me what are these hairy things?”, said Spiky.

    “They are kiwis Spiky!”, said Vagia.

    “Don’t take your time! Let’s take them out from Spiky’s back and set the table”, said Fuzzy.

    “It’s time to have dinner”...

    -“How beautifully Christmas is celebrated in Greece. We should definitely come here again next year!”

    Continued by Primary School of Philippi, Greece

    Then the fellowship found in Philippi, a Greek village more west, an old book with Greek Chistmas Customs. Reading that everything made more clear for them.