Follow our magic trails

Following their magic trails, pupils will find and learn about their friends' towns and regions , present the place where they live themselves, and ultimately work together to create the city of their dreams. Collaboratively they will prepare a guide for the city of their dreams, a map of their own imaginary city and a tale recounting its fic...

Project Journal

  • Τhank you all for this magical experience. It was a privilage to participate in such a wonderful team. Kisses and hugs from Salamina.
    - Posted by Mαρία Μπούτση, 30.08.2016

  • Thank you all for accepting me in this group. It was a very creative journey for me. I feel honoured having such lovely and inventful coleagues. Bye for now. Hope we meet again!
    - Posted by ELENI MATHE, 30.08.2016

  • Dear ladies ! Thanks for this wonderful cooperation !
    Kisses from Ukraine

    - Posted by Olha Iablonska, 29.08.2016

  • Thank you all my new friends, for this unforgetable experience !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your cooperation and your beautiful ideas.!!!!!
    I hoop that see you again <3 <3 <3

    - Posted by ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΠΑΠΑΕΥΘΥΜΙΟΥ, 27.08.2016

  • Thank you all my new friends, for this unforgetable experience. It was nice to be together, while following and discovering Twinna's Magic Trails. We are very very proud of all our group achievements and also very happy for meeting new friends. This trip ends now, but it is impossible to forget our precious moments. So I hope to see you around again. Kisses


    - Posted by Eleni Tsoussi, 26.08.2016