Gardening project

  • Etwinning project: Gardening at school 2020-2021



    - Daniela Luppo, Scuola Primaria Athos Rubri, Imola, Italia

    - Barbara Smok, Katolicki Zespół Edukacyjny: Przedszkole Sióstr Rodziny Maryi, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Pologne

    - Camille Quévreux - Ecole Paul Langevin A - 3 rue Hector Berlioz - 92230 Gennevilliers


    English, French, Italian, Polish

    Pupil's ages



    Word, email, etwinning virtual space, online publication, audio, video and photo files

    School subject

    English, digital tools, spoken language, environment, science



    Description and progress

    The aim of the project is to exchange with several classes from european twinned cities of Gennevilliers (Imola and Ostrowiec) about the school garden. Different media will be considered: drawing, game, photography, poems, songs, …

    This exchange will be the opportunity to discover twinned cities of Gennevilliers and children by their work on the garden.

    The final goal is to make a final production as a digital herbarium (with all the herbs and plants of the project)