Trash Animals Art

  • Trash animals in Art.

    Plastic waste suffocates, disables and kills thousands of animals each year. Litter is dirty and spoils our environment. Turtles, seals, birds and dolphins often mistake plastic waste
    for food. If they eat too much plastic, their stomachs always feel full, so they don't eat anything else. Litter is hazardous to wildlife and animals because they can get their heads stuck in jars and cups that smell of food, causing them to suffocate or starve to death when they are unable to get the container off of theirheads.

    In the first part of this activitiy pupils from each school found the photos of miserable animals and added them to Padlet board. In the second
    part took inspiration of this board and they portrayd the animals by some work of art
    (drawing, painting, sculpture, artistic installation, song, poem). The exhibition of these pieces of art will take place during our mobility in Portugal.