Zero Waste - Our Taste

Take a look behind most of the shools and you will see dumpsters full of classroom paper, plastic bags, discarded cafeteria food, milk cartons and paper towels. Day-to-day operations in a typical school require lots of resources, very little of which gets reused, reclaimed or recycled. Many of us think of recycling and composting, but what is Zero Waste? Zero Waste is more of a goal, than a literal zero. Educating children about green ways of living is a must. Children learn a lot from their surroundings and everyday work, that is why we decided to organize a Zero waste project. This project is focused on showing our pupils how to modify their everyday actions to improve the environment. We want to lead our pupils, teachers and local community towards the fact, that a zero waste strategy can help us to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

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