Open the Gates to the Universe

The students will discover different aspects of Space Science and Astronomy, working on a subject in English. They will explore some aspects of Science included in their curriculum, working in international groups.

The Solar System


On Tuesday, the 1st of March Polish students visited Multicentrum to learn about The Universe.



On Wednesday, the 24th of February, The Little Bees from Brasov visited the Planetarium. Great space journey :)



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Here is the link for the questions we used for the common quiz:

Playing The Solar System quiz on kahoot The Littlle Bees from Brașov were very happy today, when they came back from their holidays: they played the Solar System quiz on kahoot :)

Alicja - Poland and her presentation of Solar System.

Open the Gates to The Universe

Common product: The Solar System quiz on kahoot :)

Go to Enter the PIN code of the game 39896 and you name. Then play! Good luck!


Solar System- Alice , Portugal




This week the pupils from Cyprus studied the movements of the moon around the earth and the movements of earth around the sun. They learnt about day and night and about the 4 seasons!!

Here is the link to the doc for preparing our common product: The Solar System:



                                                 Solar System

First mission-  ALICE, Portugal

Our mission to the space has begun...  

Come with us dear friends! 



We created the solar system with the colaboration of our parents. It was very funny!   ALICE PORTUGAL


Today we learnt about the Sun. We started to make a booklet in English and Polish. We read information about the Solar System on the Internet. Poland

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