Experiments on the spaceship.

  • Poland 

    1. Fill the bowl with water.
    2. Sprinkle pepper evenly across the surface. 
    3. Squeeze a tiny bubble of dish soap onto a clean counter.
    4. Touch the tip of your  finger to the bubble of dish soap. 
    5. What do you think will happen when you touch your soapy toothpick to the water? How will the pepper flakes react?
    As the soap moves into the water, and the surface tension changes, the pepper no longer floats on top. But the water molecules still want to keep the surface tension going, so they pull back away from the soap, and carry the pepper along with them.

    Experiment with water, oil, coffee and salt - Poland

    You need water in a glass, then add some oil, then add coffee at the top. Oil is lighter than water, coffee is lighter then oil. Put some salt on the coffee and wait for a while.
    Salt is  heavier so makes coffee sink. But after a while salt dissolves in water and lets coffee come to the surface.

    Simply clear and funny way for explaining the gravitational waves. enjoy :)


    The cypriot pupils created "A LIVE MODEL" of relative planetary distances


    The Little Bees from Brașov made a spectroscope using recycleble materials and observed the light :)

    Experiments about weather ..from Cyprus!


    The Little Bees from Brașov created models of relative planetary distances

    Experiment: Distance in the Solar System by Slidely Slideshow




    The first experiment in our spaceship.

    A candle is placed in a shallow plate with water ( good to put some colour in the water) and is lit. A glass is put over the candle.

    After the candle extinguishes the glass fills with water.

    Why does this happen?

    Whilst the candle is burning, the air inside the glass heats up. After the candle extinguishes, the heat is taken away and the air cools quickly. This results in a vacuum/negative pressure which balances out as the water enters the glass.


    Small Portuguese scientists!

    The wind experiment of the little astronauts from School No.9 Brașov

    Wind is occur when the air is moving.

    We used a burning candle and we moved it next to an open door, 

    What does happen? 

    The flame is moving in the direction of the wind: into the room, when the candle is up and out of the room, when the candle is down. That means that the air is moving and the warm air is up and the cold air is down. If we open a door, the air is moving quick and the candle is burnt up.