About the project

  • Pupils will create animations based on movement and storytelling. Ideas and characters will be developed by the children themselves. During the project, a combined animation will be created from all of the partners' works.


    To get familiar with animation creation principles in practice, finding out about art, experiencing the joy of creating.
    To draw, mold, cut various things and forms, characters while acquiring art skills;
    To capture pictures of the created drawings and other works of art;
    To create an animated story while improving art and communication skills.


    1. Acquaintance/Greeting (October);
    2. Partners map (October);
    3. Project logo (October);
    4. Animated characters/Voting (October-April);
    5. Creating animations (November-January);
    6. Games and fun! (October-January);
    7. Animation, which we create together (February);
    8. National Safer Internet Day (February 9);
    9. Project analysis (February-April);
    10. Spreading the project (October-April).


    1. A virtual map, where children "travel" happily to each other while discovering partner countries.
    2. A virtual dictionary in which the word "hello" is written and narrated by partners.
    3. A video where partners are greeting each other.
    4. Escape rooms where animation heroes are situated, linked with games and animated.
    5. An animation "Animation heroes friendship" with input from all partners.