Games and fun!

  • Edita Setkauskienė, Lithuania

    Draw your game web 2.0 tool

    Children rejoice when their drawings become online games – animations.

    We thank the teacher Ayşe Aydoğan Gezer and her students from Turkey for the idea.

    We have created a task for you, in which you will find animated heroes created by us and you. 

    We wish you a fun game.

    Thank you, dear project partners, for your cooperation.

    Dear project partners, in the "rooms" of this game we will place the animation heroes we have created and the games associated with them. Games can be created in „Genially“ or in other applications. If you already have experience working with the „Genially Breakouts“ program, send us your email addresses and we will allow you to add elements directly to this game yourself. Or just place your creation on this page and we will upload it to this game. Good luck.