2.Netiquette (Code of Conduct)

  • Discuss your ideas with your classmates and with your European partners (Forum), then add them on this Twinboard to create the Netiquette for our project:

  • Netiquette


    The key words for you online conduct are courtesy and responsible behaviour.

    Respect others as equals, do not use sarcasm or inappropriate language, use a respectful tone and promote healthy discussions.

    Even if you do not agree with the others, respect their opinions and ideas.

    Take part in the forums, posts and collaborative activities, your contribution is important.

    If someone has a question and you have the answer, please take the time to respond.

    Treat others as you would like to be treated, be patient and helpful.

    GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

    Protect personal data, for you and the others.

    Be sure to have your parents' permission for your online communication and activities.

    Raise awareness about building an online reputation through:
    -posts by you
    -posts by others about you or linked to you
    -posts by others pretending to be you.

    Do not publish photos or videos without permission.

    Use technology in an appropriate manner.

    Use secure passwords for your personal accounts.


    Understanding copyright : it covers not only books but also advertisements, articles, graphic designs, labels, letters (including emails), lyrics, maps, musical compositions, product designs, etc.

    Creative Commons : a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of materials and resources through free legal tools.

    Public domain resources: EveryPixel, Librestock Photos, Stock Photo Search.