1.Planning the project together

  • Etwinning project : Motivation

    Duration : September 2020 - June 2021

    Goals : motivate and empower students who have difficulties with school work

    Step 1 : getting to know each other – first, students from each country post clues (sway presentations or other tools) so that their partners may guess where they are from (country, area and city)

    -then, in pairs, students communicate on social media (instagram, WhatsApp...) in order to get to know each other; a Code of Conduct on the etwinning platform and on their social media is established with the students; the students and their parents acknowledge it

    -finally, with the information gathered while communicating on social media, students introduce their partners on a padlet

    Special moment: celebrate  the Erasmus days  –create a poster (15 October 2020)

    Step 2: create quizzes or games in international groups with Kahoot orLearningApps – possible topics : nationalities, school, hobbies, jobs…

    Step 3: create a presentation with all the games and quizzes

    Step 4: assessment - questionnaires for tthe teachers, the students and their families; the results of these questionnaires are analysed; ideas to improve future projects

    Step 5: dissemination - live events on etwinning,  posts on the school website, articles in the local journals, events in the partner schools