R4 (Raise, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) - Making a difference

With this project, we aim to work more intensively on UN goal 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption) & 13 to help with the shift to a more sustainable way of living. In order to do this we must think collectively when it comes to environment & not individually. We need to teach new green skills and educate ourselves and students to behave responsibly to stop climate change. As this is not the topic in the curricula, we need the funding to act together and network locally and internationally. Together we want to rethink our way of life and cut back on over-consumption and educate responsible and committed people who voluntarily start to live sustainably. We believe in the findings of the UNESCO global education monitoring report 2016 that “education shapes values and perspectives, and is proven to be the best tool for climate change awareness & is associated with increased environmental awareness, concern & action”.

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