Welcome to the digital world

  • Hi eTwinners of the 21 century!

    Are you a "Digital Native"? Could you live without your "smartphone" or internet connection??? 

    As teachers we see that digital media form part of our life and that they have become our daily (indispensable) companion. Now in the time of corona we spend even more time in the ineternet: study, do shopping, look for entertainment, meet friends or relatives online! 

    During this project we plan to promote media literacy and safe use of modern communication media. We want to become aware of digital possibilities and risks. We want to understand what Disinformation is and stop spreading it...

    Enter the virtual world! Enter the Twinspace! And stay safe online!

    We wish you and us an interesting, informative and helpful project! 

    Your teachers:

    Arleta Szydlowska, Annalisa Di Pierro, Ferahnaz Şebnem Öztürk, Türkay Arpacık, Mercé Rodriguez, Daniela Caruso, Ειρήνη - Irini Σακελλαράκη - Sakellaraki and Ulrike Kahl