• Two islands inspire, is an eTwinning project (which is part of Erasmus+, the EU program for school learning).

    This project is related to two islands: Arousa (in Galicia) and Chrysí (in Crete).

    Chrysí in the Lybean Sea, it's really beautiful, it's interesting to work with this island because the nature, the protection, responsible tourism, etc. It was never inhabited.

    Arousa is a word that came from Celtic language and means "in the East of the peninsula" (Barbanza peninsula). The inland is called Ría de Arousa (Arousa's sea) and the island too. Arousa island is inhabited and it has a protected area in the South. Nowadays it has a bridge.


    This is a multiple project:

    • eTwinning project about gardening, landscaping, nature (curricular integration in the Cretan school), Galician (integration in the "Team for the Revitalisation of Galician Language" in the Galician school) and webpages building (curricular integration in the Galician school too).
    • Collaboration in the cultural event O Mar nunha Flor in July 2016 with our exposition. You can see pictures and videos of the activities last year.
    • Plan Proxecta: autonomous government of Galicia offer several topics to do a project and to get certification. (Galicia doesn't certify eTwinning projects yet, in the most of the other Spanish regions they do it). There are two topics about nature.

    Teachers and students are from:


    Work process:

    • First term: Galician and Cretan pupils, in mixed teams, work together to collect information about the islands Arousa and Khrysí: history, geography, culture, sustainable tourism, plants, and a lot of pictures. With this information, Galician's puplis create web pages.
    • From January to May: Pupils and teachers from Enredadas community create paintings related to the information shown in the web pages. We'll perform a exposition in our schools and other places and we'll edit a catalogue. All the works will have an explaining text in Galician and Greek.
    • From January to May: Pupils in mixed teams work together in aspects related to the curriculum of the subject of the Cretan school: to explore possibilities in using native plant species in gardening and landscaping.