imaginary gardens

  •   Imagination and creativity are vital life skills. 

    Using the photos of the 2 islands that we collected during our project, we challenge our imagination to create.

      Thursday 10th of March 2016: We downloaded the photo of the map with Arousa Island that we found in the   materials section and students of Landscape architecture from 1st Epal Ierapetras were challenged to use it as a background in the garden design application Garden Planner. It was in the frames of our landscape design lesson. They saw the map of the island as a canvas and got inspired to make a garden. So, while working on their task, they discovered details of the geography of the Galician area we're exploring in our project.


    Let's imagine that Arousa island is part of a garden, the garden of Galicia. How could it look like?

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    And.... here are the results of the voting so far