• Introduction


    The aim of the project “ Classroom, homeland, Europe” is to bring cultural and historical inheritance of homeland closer to pupils from Croatia, Spain and Poland using web 2.0 tools, learn outside the classroom by outdoor education visiting museums, castles, churches getting to know different local features. Partners of the project are planning to cover the educational material of 3rd grade through project teaching. Pupils will work in groups to develop interaction, cooperation and agreement as mush as possible, using TwinSpace, forums, email, presentations, videos…We plan to make an e-travelogue as final product of this project. It will include photographs, drawings, texts, impressions, legends, myths, stories and other materials collected through project activities from October 2015 till January 2016.

    Doing this, pupils will also be led to use a foreign language in true communication situations with other European children and to use various digital tools. They will thus develop key competences for lifelong learning such as : digital skills, communication in mother tongue and foreign languages, social, intercultural, civic, initiative skills, critical thinking, media and information literacy and literacy in general.