• Our kindergarten is located in a village called Vila Nova de Milfontes, in Portugal.

    In our school - Colégio de Nossa Senhora da Graça - there are about 600 students, from 3 to 20 years old.

    We are now going to present them:










    The classrooms

    The kindergarten has two classrooms: the Sea Classroom (Sala do Mar) and the Sun Classroom (Sala do Sol).

    The reason why they have these names is because one of the classrooms is facing the rising sun (Sun Classroom) and the other is facing the sea – Atlantic Ocean (Sea Classroom).

    Sala do Mar

    View to the Atlantic Ocean

    Sala do Sol

    View to the mountains where the sun rises:

    Other kindergarten spaces

    In the kindergarten we also have a playground a canteen and a multipurpose room, were younger children also sleep.