• Here we are! Our group is called Päikesejänkud ( in English Sunny Bunnies). The most kids are 5 years old, but some of them are still 4. 

    There are 84 kids in our kindergarten (1,5-7 years old) and 21 children in our group (4-5 years old, 12 girs and 9 boys). We have two teachers and one assistant and we all like to discover the world with childen.

    This is our kindergarten:

    Kindergarten is located in Kose-Uuemõisa. It is a small village in the beautiful countryside next to the two rivers: Pirita and Kuivajõgi. The village has been the location for a manor house since the 1340s, although the medieval building burned down in the Livonian War. The current building, in neo-Renaissance style, dates from the 1850s and was erected by the Baltic German family von Uexküll. There are less than 1000 inhabitants in Kose-Uuemõisa.

    Plenty of photos are visible at our blog: