1.2. Background Information "African American experience" in videos

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    Explainity Delfina

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    Explainity Charlotte

    Part 1 : ''Music Outlived Their Misery''

    Explainity Charlotte

    Part 2: ''Music Outlived Their Misery''

    Explainity Charlotte

    Part 3: ''Music Outlived Their Misery''

    Explainity Charlotte

    Part 4: ''Music Outlived Their Misery''

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    simple, but great

    Part three mysimpleshow Helene

    Rapmusic and modern segregation

    Part two mysimpleshow Helene

    Influence on music culture

    Part one mysimpleshow Helene

    Historical background

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    Target Audience: Everyone
    Why: To spread awareness about the dark past of the human history and how we have made it progressivly better
    Does a good job at being simple and explaining abit of history about slavery in the US.


    I watched the video which was created by Charlotte Framme. I think that the target audience of the video are mainly students in here Europe. The video shows us that most integrating cities in America there is still segregation and disparities regarding education and therefore depending on your skin color not everyone has the same chances as we have in Europe to get a quality education.

    Explainity Florian

    This video is for us who have heard the song and want to learn more about it. Great video, although I don't understand why the voice is so robotic, but nice work Florian. You could maybe add a little bit more to your description to explain that it's about the song Strange Fruit. Otherwise... Good Job!:))

    Linus Video 1

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    The significance of songs to the African American Experience

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    emilia pt.1
    emilia pt.2

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    part 2

    SimpleShow Nicole

    part 1

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