The project CALENDAR

  • Calendar of our project on brands and ads

    Time of the school year Activity Task
    Mid october to
    Each students must introduce himself by:
    - Presenting his/her identity (name, age, city), his family,hometown, school and hobbies
    - Explaining which brand best represents him/her and why
    - Illustrate with an image or video that represents him/her
    ==> Each school must provide a QUIZ on the students’ presentations for the other schools to be able to test their
    understanding of the presentations.
    Mid November to
    mid december
    Presentation of
    local and national
    Each schools creates groups of 3, 4 or 5 students which will be in charge of creating a presentation of 1 brand (the brand will be different for each group so that we have a global overview for each country) which is typical of their region and/or country (for example history of this brand, implantation of the area, use of the local culture to advertise etc.) and share their presentations with the other schools.
    ==>Each group must provide a QUIZ on their presentations for the other schools to be able to test their understanding of the presentations.
    2 first weeks of
    European Values
    Each student will individually contribute to a virtual wall where all of them will write what Europe means and what it represents; what values it conveys and why they are important in our lives.
    They will attach a picture or video or music clip to their personal contribution to illustrate them.
    2 last weeks of
    Online written
    -->A good brand
    --> A good product
    --> A good advertising campaign
    The students will individually participate to 3 online written debates which will help them think about important components of the missions they will accomplish:
    ==> What makes a good brand
    ==> What makes a good product
    ==> What makes a good advertising campaign
    February / March Creation of the
    The students will choose the composition of their teams and collaborate to find the name of their brand, their goods, their motto and their logo.
    ==> Each team will be composed of a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 8, and 3 schools minimum will be represented in each team
    March / April / 2 first weeks of may Elaboration of the
    The collaborative teams will now create 1 or 2 goods for their new brand and make their promotion. Through this promotion, they will have to convey EUROPEAN VALUES: they will share the work among all the members to create posters, commercials, slogans, radio announcements.
     Mid may Contest and
    Once the teams are ready, each of them will share their advertising campaign with the other ones by creating their brands’ subpage with their final production of advertising campaign.
    ==> Each student will vote for each category and justify his/her choice