• On this page we will publish all the activities and the links to the articles in newspapers in order to share our project and its results.




    September 2020

    At our first teachers meeting of the new term the teachers of the Erasmus+ project announced the approval of our Erasmus+ project "Eat well, Move more, Live better". The project teachers explained the content and procedures of this new project to the other colleagues.

    During the first two weeks at school the students were informed about the project and were able to choose whether they wanted to participate in the project. If you follow the link you can see the German version of the project presentation that was held to spike interest amoung our students:

    Introduction elective subject Erasmus+.pdf

    Finally, about ten students wanted to work on this international project. They will now meet every Wednesday afternoon during this school year. We have already created our Erasmus+ board to spread all the news concerning the project.

    Below you can see pictures of our currrent Erasmus+ project group, our school and our Erasmus+ Board:

    The project teachers created a Facebook group and registered all our German students to that group as well as on TwinSpace. We created a project logo which we will also enter into the logo competition amoung the other project partners. Furthermore, we started working on presentations of our school, Munich and Bavaria.


    Oktober 2020

    Students, teachers, parents and visitors can now recognise on our Erasmus+ plaque on the main entrance at school that we are part of an international Erasmus+ project.

    We proudly present our new project T-Shirts:

    Our Kick-Off-Meeting for all students at school was on the 22nd of October. Because of the Corona virus we divided all students into three groups and did the presentation three times in a row.

    We prepared a PowerPoint presentation about our project in general and our current activites. Besides we prepared a healthy breakfast to go for all students, with a cream cheese arugula sandwich, porridge package, apple, clementine, tea bag and some nuts. And moreover we organised a quiz about Europe and our students could win some nice prices if they were right. Have a look at the pictures from our Kick-Off-Meeting!

    Preperation of the breakfast bags:

    Preparation of sandwiches:

    Our Kick-Off-Meeting:


    Our PowerPoint presentation of the Kick-Off-Meeting:

    Erasmus+ Kick-off-Meeting.pdf


    November 2020

    We updated our Erasmus+ Board:

    Besides we elected our project logo amoung all partner schools. Here it is:

    December 2020

    We collected contact data of all international project students who are willing to get a digital pen friend from another partner school.


    January 2021

    Our school was closed because of Covid-19. Unfortunately we could not realised any project activities during that month.


    February 2021

    Our school is still closed due to Covid-19 till the 21st of Febuary. Step-by-step the students are coming back to school from that date on.

    Students are still in contact with their digital pen friend teams, in which the students can be in contact with students of all five partner countries. They get to know each other and develop a questionnaire, which helps them to get to know even more international students.

    Besides our students are working on presentations of healthy food and Germany, Munich and our school. And they are creating a video clip about our school as well.

    The 1st Teachers-Online-Meeting took place on the 27th of February. All minutes can be seen in the page "Minutes".


    March and April 2021

    Although our school was open some weeks we had to close again our school doors for three weeks in April. The students kept going on working on their presentations. Besides these Online-Meetings took place:

    2nd Teachers-Online-Meeting on the 20th of March

    1st Student-Onine-Meeting during the weeks from the 12th to the 23rd of April:

    topic: answering to the questionnaire on facebook and get to know each other students according to the digital pen friend team list


    May 2021

    3nd Teachers-Online-Meeting on the 8th of May

    Students are back at school. We determined the winners of our Europe quiz and gave them their prices, here you can see the delivery:

    1st place - voucher of a sports store:

    2nd place - family game "Scrabble":

    Two 3rd places: healthy food package


    Furthermore we updated our Erasmus+ Board again:

    Now we have also a brochure display stand where the students can take away brochures about Europe and the European Union:


    June 2021

    We will take part on the ErasmusDays 2021 (14.-16.10.21). Therefore we organise a Kahoot online quiz with the topic Europe and the European Union. Every partnerschool will develop six questions regarding to that topic. We will play our common Kahoot quiz during the ErasmusDays on each school. The winners will get some prizes.

    The German school wrote the procedure for that online quiz and told the other partnerschool what to do.

    Our event is listed on that offical European page:


    July 2021

    Our Erasmus group created a presentation about Germany, Bavaria / Munich and our school. That overview will be presented on the 2nd Student-Online-Meeting in the middle of September 2021 to the students of our partnerschools.

    Here you can have a look on that presentation:

    Germany, Bavaria, Munich and our school.pdf