Teacher evaluation and summary of the project

  •  Evaluation of teachers at the beginning of the project


      Evaluation for teachers at the end of the project


    Summary of the project


    Influence on students:

    1. They learnt about partners' countries and schools, they learnt about the weather and seasons in each of their partners countries.

    2. They prepared their own offer of LOGO for the project. They chose one LOGO out of all eight of them.

    3. They prepared common materials (using the Internet and schools libraries), which were used to create a lapbook work about Vivaldi.

    4. They learnt about new methods of art works, these are: lapbook, scrapbook, origami.

    5. They created a text for a common song about seasons.

    6. They created a common poem about spring.

    7. They wrote letters to their partner peers, prepared cards with wishes, bookmarks and some other small gifts.

    8. They prepared and presented a show connected with a specific season.

    9. They prepared some dishes from local food and they created a common book with all the partners' recipes.

    10. They created their own dictionaries with vocabulary connected with seasons. The final product was an „International glossary”.

    11. They answered various questions, did quizes, played games and solved puzzles connected with seasons. They received diplomas for their work.

    12. They prepared and presented a fashion show connected with seasons.

    13. They improved the ability of group cooperation as well as they made progress in engagement and creativity in their work.

    14. They met new colleagues and made new friends.

    15. They improved their English language skills and they learnt some words in their parnters' languages.

    Influence on teachers:

    1. They improved their English.

    2. They improved their abilities of using ICT as well as organization skills.

    3. They suggested their own ideas of tasks to do. In that way they had a real influence on work in the 2-month-period work.

    4. They became familiar with the interesting educational offer (project) of other teachers.

    5. Thanks to the project they promoted their schools in their region.

    6. Their motivation to work harder is bigger thanks to the satisfaction of accomlishing the goals of the project.

    Influence on the founders of the project:

    1. They wrote messages in English and Russian (the Moldavian partner doesn't know English at all, so the communication was in Russian).

    2. They suggested 2 leader schools every 2 months. Every 2 schools were leaders for different seasons.

    3. They created diplomas for students – the winners of particular tasks.

    4. They prepared certificates of cooperation for every school and student at the end of the project.

    5. They prepared evaluation questions for teacher in the beginning as well as at the end of the project.

    6. They coordinated all the project tasks and they motivated other teachers to work.

    7. They suggested the layout and naming for 'pages' where all the materials and final products were placed