Teachers meeting November 2019 in Spain

  • The initial meeting of the teachers was held in Rodrigo Caro School in Coria del Rio (Sevilla, Spain)  between the 4th  and 8th of november 2019. During these days, two teachers from Poland, Bulgaria and Ireland and three from Italy joined together to start this european project.

    This is a picture at our school hall with all the teachers.



    The main goal of this meeting was to organise the agenda, to update dates for future meetings and to fix tasks and responsabilities for each partner.





    These meetings took place during the morning. Our principal Belén Fernández Espejo visited us during this days and all the teachers had a reception with the major of our town.


    Although there was also some time to go sightseeing the beautiful city of Sevilla that is only 10 kilometers far from our school in Coria.