• Welcome to our project!

    Unstereotyping Europe with Asterix

    Our project intends to use Asterix and his journeys through Europe to discuss stereotypes in the classroom as well as encouraging students to read in a foreign language.

    The project involves students from Italy, Portugal and Spain

    Students will read Asterix comics ("Asterix in Britain" and "Asterix in Spain") and will work collaboratively in international groups discussing about stereotypes shown in the comics and idioms.


    We expect our project to:

    • raise cultural awareness and respect to diversity as well as acceptance of different opinions from peers
    • improve foreing language skills

    among all participating students


     Due to COVID-19 lockdown and school closure, students could hardly continue with the project in the second term of 2019-20  school year so the project stopped and was retaken during 2020-21 school year .


    All contents on this project are under Common Creative License: