Colours M@tter!

Pigments are responsible for the beautiful colours we see in the plant and animal world. Life is rich in bright colours, from the green of photosynthesizing plants to the various colours found on the body of several animals. Colour plays a major role in the natural world: mating, camouflage, or to signal danger. Colours indicate harvest time, breed...

Project Journal

    - Posted by Olga Savchenko, 17.12.2016

  • Material related to collaborative activity 7: Colours do not matter (diversity) has been uploaded, including a collaborative photobook and poster. The students were more creative, and open to diversity and inclusion :)
    - Posted by Nathalie Scerri, 24.05.2016

  • Italian students carried out some activities on colours in a kindergarten and in a Senior residence. You can have a look at the page "Color has no age"
    - Posted by Mariangela Bielli, 19.05.2016

  • Today the Dutch group from Jacob van Liesveldt received a quality label for the project!
    - Posted by Tanya du Fosse, 12.05.2016

  • Lets Take a Selfie (collaborative activity 6) has been uploaded too :)
    - Posted by Nathalie Scerri, 11.05.2016