Maths in the streets

This project intends to highlight the most playful aspect of mathematics, which is not always reflected within the classroom. With this aim in mind, students and teachers will go out to discover the mathematical patterns and concepts that we can find in some of the jewels of European cultural heritage (look for the 17 crystallographic groups in the palaces of the Alhambra or the Golden Ratio in the Parthenon of Athens, measeure the volume of Hagia Sophia, etc.). The project also encourage students to find Maths concepts in their every day living enviroment: at home, in their neighbourhood, everywhere. This project will be carried out by 5 schools: IES Trassierra (Córdoba, Spain) IIS Enrico Fermi (Montesarchio, Italy) Galatasaray Lisesi (Istanbul, Turkey) Rigas 25 vidusskola (Riga, Latvia) 1st General Lyceum of Ilion (Athens, Greece)

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