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    • We are proud of our our project and that´s why we want to make it public and well-known.

    • This page will be used to upload those activities carried out by our members in order to make people know about Etwinning and our Project



    On the 5th of May, the Institute PIO XI was the main host of a very special occasion: the national Tablet School Day. We were asked to create 3 labs about our etwinning project. The students of the class 3B worked hard to prepare our presentation, and we did a very good job!

    Getting ready for our presentation.

    Title of our lab: being European at school- our Etwinning project


    our audience: a lot of people interested!



    Here are some students explaining our steps...they very excited, and a bit scared!



     It was a great adventure, thanks you guys!




    Last week 6 students from the Teacher Training School in Leioa (Basque Country-University) came to our school to look for information about Etwinning and our project.

    These future teachers had the choice to talk with the students taking part in the project and they also interviewed one of the teachers collaborating with the project and also the head master.

    This is what Ainhoa (one of the students from the University) told us:


    “ We are working with innovative projects at Universtity and one of our teachers told us to make a dossier about one innovative project carried out by any school in the Basque country. We were told about Etwinning and your school´s project. Once the dossier is done, we will present it in the classroom “


    We hope these “future” teachers will become Etwinners very soon.

















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