Youth employment – Europe, get ready for new challenges! Exploring educational and vocational training systems across Europe.

This project raises awareness that youth (un)employment is a Europeanwide problem. Students need to be open and to become flexible to this European problem and to understand that qualification and education are crucial for their future careers.

Project Journal

  • Please get in touch with us if you need any help with the final report! Keep your head despite all the work everyone! You're doing great jobs!
    - Posted by Gabi Drabben-Thiemann, 19.10.2017

  • The forums should not be used to share information but rather to share experiences. How far have the students come? Are there any problems with their research? What are they going to do next?
    Everybody needs to be careful not to delete entries please, as some of ours have disappeared.
    - Posted by Gabi Drabben-Thiemann, 16.02.2017

  • Students should communicate in the three differents forums created by the teachers. You should share the results of your research with the other students working on the same topic:
    - Economic situation in your region.
    - Soft skills necessary to get a job.
    - Students´ chances for internship in a foreign country.
    - Posted by Gotzon Bengoetxea, 13.01.2017

  • Just uploaded our sources showing the consequences of youth unemployment, again. I've got no idea why they were gone, I already uploaded them last week. Hope they will stay there now :-)

    - Posted by Gabi Drabben-Thiemann, 14.11.2016

  • I've just created a new folder for material that is needed for the students' meeting in November 2016. There and here you find the projects in Germany against youth unemployment.

    Measures against youth unemployment_Germany.pdf

    - Posted by Gabi Drabben-Thiemann, 05.11.2016