A European green goal: clean energy and environmental sustainability against climate change


The idea of our project arises from the global ecological problems that the world is facing nowadays: melting glaciers, smog, environmental pollution, endangered species and all this is due to intense climate change, caused by the use of fossil fuels and other human activities. The main aim of our project is to increase the motivation of pupils and members of the community to engage in environmental issues and to attract as many people as possible as everyone has the right to act responsibly, reducing one’s consumerism, as a result, combating climate change. The project will be carried out in two years between schools situated in different countries with different energy experience, which will ensure the efficiency of the project. The objective of the project is to familiarise with each country's energy issues, to contribute to energy saving, including the ways and means of alternative energy extraction, in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment and climate change.

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